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Kagarlitsky: My Most Recent Stay in Prison

Boris Kagarlitsky Russian Dissent
I was arrested for a video I published on YouTube, including a joke about the Crimean bridge. It was probably a poor joke, but hardly sufficient grounds for arrest. Unfortunately, Leviathan has no sense of humor. I spent four months in a prison cell.


Celebrating the Leadership and Comradeship of Charlene Mitchell

William P. Jones Portside
“People who truly believe in justice and equality, and peace and socialism, should not actually really care whether their contributions are individually noted,” Angela Davis asserted at a tribute to her friend and mentor, Charlene Mitchell, in 2009.

Eddie Conway (1946–2023)

TRNN The Real News Network
Even in the darkest of times, in the most hopeless of places, Eddie’s commitment to organizing for liberation was unwavering. And, despite the unimaginable toll that 44 years of incarceration had taken on him, Eddie’s organizing did not stop when he walked out of prison.

Albert Woodfox, Imprisoned for 43 Years, Dies at 75

Brett Wilkins Common Dreams
"The pebble that he threw in the pond became a ripple, became a wave. And so, this will carry him on into eternity," said fellow Angola Three Black Panther Robert King. "He won't be forgotten."
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