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Workplace Safety: Gun Edition

While we’re celebrating America, what’s more American than gun violence? Michelle Wolf mocks the NRA’s notion of a good guy with a gun.



Jack Foley Portside
Forget Colbert, Stewart, Woody Allen. Check out Berkeley, California's Jack Foley. Then do something.

The Investigator

Ruben Ship Radio For All
The popularity of The Investigator in the United States is a gratifying sign that the American people are no more complacent about witch hunting than their ancestors were three hundred years ago in Salem, Massachusetts. Until now fear has temporarily immobilized them, as it did their forbears in New England. But one of the best antidotes to the paralyzing poison of fear is laughter. -- from the liner notes of The Investigator.

Tidbits - December 22, 2016 - Reader Comments: Time's Trump Cover; Trump Passing Secrets to Putin or is Borowitz Satire or Reality Check; Trump Nominee Meets Austrian Nazis; Teachers; Trump Jobs Plan; and more...

Reader Comments: Time's Trump Cover Is a Subversive Work of Political Art; Reader's Disagree - Is Trump Passing Secrets to Putin - or is Borowitz Satire or Incredible Reality Check; Why Does the Media Misjudge Fascists; Trump Nominee Meets with Austrian Nazis; Teacher Shortages; Trump's Job Plan; Hotel Workers Beat Trump; Los Angeles Fashion Industry; Discussion - Building Mass Socialist Party; Cuban Art Exhibit in New York; and more...

Friday Nite Videos -- March 11, 2016

Warren: Senate GOP 'Paying the Price for Their Own Extremism.' Baba Brinkman | A Brief History of Rhyme. Voters for Trump. The Computer That Mastered Go. Emmylou Harris, Rodney Crowell | Till I Can Gain Control Again.

Voters for Trump

Ordinary American voters (SNL) offer insight into why they'll be voting for Donald Trump.

Friday Nite Videos -- October 3, 2014

Subway Flashmob: Bolero. A History Of The Minimum Wage. Anti-matter Explained. People's Climate March -- Aerial Footage. Bill O'Reilly's Anti-Terrorist Mercenaries.
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