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Tidbits - January 22, 2015 - Iran War Demand; Martin Luther King; Social Security & Disability cuts, more...

Reader Comments- Jobs and Higher Wages; Boehner, Netanyahu, Israel, Iran; Martin Luter King - radical anti-capitalist; Charlie Hebdo - racism, nationalism, free speech; Broken Criminal Justice system; Social Security, Disability; Erosion of Collective Bargaining = Income Inequality; Podemos; Solidarity Forever; Selma; Guantanamo protest; Roe v. Wade Anniversary; Announcements- Forums- Ending the Embargo of Cuba; After The Greek Elections; March Delegation to Venezuela

President Obama: Fixing Immigration

In an address to the nation, President Obama lays out the executive action he's taking to fix our nation's broken immigration system

Net Neutrality: President Obama's Plan for a Free and Open Internet

Barack Obama White House
"President Obama released a statement today unreservedly calling on the Federal Communications Commission to protect net neutrality by reclassifying broadband providers as common carriers under Title II of the Telecommunications Act. His statement comes on the heels of an unprecedented public outcry in favor of real net neutrality, including a record-breaking four million comments on the issue to the FCC." ACLU Statement

Today's Supreme Courts Rulings Against Women, Labor, Democracy and the President

Thao Nguyen; Brennan Center for Justice
Today, the Supreme Court handed down a decision striking a Massachusetts law that protects patient access to abortion clinics. The Court, upheld the historically broad interpretation of the president's recess appointments power, and opened the door to new forms of Senate obstruction by ruling that the president's recess appointments were invalid because the Senate had used "pro forma sessions" - sessions in name only - to avoid going into recess.


William E. Spriggs AFL-CIO Now


Federal Workers to Strike, March on White House Wednesday

Josh Eidelson
Cleaning and concessions workers in federal buildings will protest their taxpayer-funded poverty jobs. Those planning to strike include workers who serve food or wash floors at Union Station (owned by the Department of Transportation), Smithsonian Museums (owned by the federal Smithsonian Institution), and the Ronald Reagan Building and Old Post Office (owned by the General Services Administration).

Exactly Why Is President Obama Going to Israel?

Carl Bloice Foreign Policy in Focus
As soon was announced that the President would be visiting the Middle East, supporters of the policies of the Netanyahu government went into overdrive in an effort to throw cold water on any idea that the diplomatic mission could achieve any breakthrough in the Israeli-Palestinian “peace process.”
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