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Future Perfect

Natasha Lennard Bookforum
This "important intervention," writes reviewer Lennard, shows "that reparations for trans-Atlantic slavery and colonialism are a matter of justice and also a necessary condition for rising to the existential challenge of global heating."


Race after information-value

Marc Kohlbry Radical Philosophy
This is a wide-ranging work that explores the relationship between the emergence of what's been called "racial capitalism" and the history and development of capitalist uses of information.

The GOP: Worker's Party or Party of the White Republic?

Bill Fletcher, Jr. The Bias Magazine: The Voice of the Christian Left
The Republican Party is a "working class party" now, according to its nationalist wing. But a deeper look at its pro-worker rhetoric reveals a longstanding trope of the "white worker" against invader populations.

‘The White Republic’: Concluding Thoughts by Bob Wing

Bob Wing Organizing Upgrade
Should we win socialism and eliminate capitalism in the U.S., significant racist stratification of the working class will continue. We will need to systematically root it out and defeat the racist forces within the working and middle class.

The White Republic and the Struggle for Racial Justice

Bob Wing Organizing Upgrade
Racial justice forces need to win governing power within the current system and then continue to build the strength to dismantle the racist state and replace it with an antiracist one: fight against the white republic and for antiracist democracy.
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