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Friday Nite Videos | July 7, 2023

SCOTUS Axed Student Debt Relief. What Happens Next? Anthem | Trailer. Lakota Nation vs. United States | Movie. Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson Torches Clarence Thomas Over Affirmative Action | Roland Martin. Why Are Schools Still Segregated?

Moving On to Adversity-Based Affirmative Action

Paul Starr The American Prospect
A great deal can still be done. President Biden’s mention of “adversity” in his comments on the Court’s decision is one key to a new and more politically defensible form of affirmative action.

What Juneteenth Looks Like for Prisoners

Antoine Davis and Darrell Jackson Waging Nonviolence
As Black men in prison, we live the tension between celebrating the abolition of slavery and struggling inside the system that replaced it.

The Self-Destruction of Ye

Charles Blow New York Times
Ye knows that fueling Black conspicuous consumption and even addiction is profit. Instead of wanting to flip that table, Ye wanted to sit at the head of it. Instead of being revolted by the economic arm of white supremacy, he aspired to it.

Friday Nite Videos | October 21, 2022

Transgender Rights | John Oliver. Hasan Minhaj | Audacity of Equality. Corporate Profits Account for Over Half of Higher Prices. Jordan Klepper Meets Michigan Midterm Voters. Aftershock | Documentary.

Aftershock | Documentary

When a Black mother dies, there is a ripple effect. Aftershock, an original documentary from Onyx Collective and ABC News Studios, now on Hulu. #AftershockDoc

Friday Nite Videos | July 8, 2022

Coup Mobile: America's Most Reliable Network for Insurrectionists. Bye, Bye Boris. How Abortion Bans Make Inequality Worse. How to Defeat Republicans' Autocracy Strategy. Meet the Microbes That Could Eat Your Trash.
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