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Remembering Ralph Fasanella

Jonathan Kissam United Electrical, Radio & Machine Workers of America
UE Organizer and Painter of Working-Class Life and Struggle

Tidbits – Aug. 11, 2022 – Reader Comments: Kansas Vote, 2022 Elections; Missing From Reconciliation Bill; Ukraine and Peace Movement; David Moberg; Nlrb Orders Umwa To Pay; Visionary Art of Ralph Fasanella; Cartoons, Resources, Announcements

Reader Comments: Kansas Vote, 2022 Elections; Missing From the Reconciliation Bill; Ukraine and the Peace Movement; David Moberg Remembered; NLRB Orders UMWA To Pay; Visionary Art of Ralph Fasanella; Cartoons, Resources, Announcements; more ....

Tidbits - September 4, 2014

Reader Comments - Fast Food Workers; Ralph Fasanella; US-Africa Leaders Summit; School's Back and Growing Inequality; Twin Plagues of ISIS and Ebola; Diablo Canyon Nuke Plant; Brazil's Elections; Argentina; Victory for Market Basket Workers and Consumers; Fed-Ex Workers Can Organize; New Culture on the Left; Call for papers on Harry Braverman's Labor and Monopoly Capital; Today in History - Paul Robeson Returns to Peekskill; Jewish Woman Among the Interned Japanese

Ralph Fasanella, Lest We Forget

Stephen May Antiques and the Arts Weekly
“Ralph Fasanella was a consummate New Yorker and self-taught artist who represented the very best of American ideals,” says Dr Anne-Imelda Radice, executive director of AFAM. “He cared about people who did not have a voice, so he gave them a voice through his paintings.”

Tidbits - June 5, 2014

Reader Comments - Edward Snowden, NSA and NBC; Police Crimes; U.S. Cuba Policy; Tiananmen Anniversary; Ralph Fasanella's Art; Prisons and Solidarity Confinement; Workers and Labor; Taxes and Economic Growth; Carbon Pollution; New Populism; Sexual Harassment; Sexual assault of women protestors in India; Les Orear - R.I.P.

Fasanella Captured The Pain, Joy Of Working-Class America

Bill Mosley Portside
Fasanella copied no one: not Van Gogh, nor Grandma Moses or Edward Hicks. He was sui generis, and when his paintings finally came to be appreciated, it was for their uniqueness, not their adherence to any school or formal style. Most of all, they are celebrated for forcefully conveying the ideals he lived and worked by, as summarized in his motto: “Remember who you are. Remember where you came from. Don’t forget the past. Change the world.
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