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Friday Nite Videos | September 16, 2022

Jan. 6 Committee Previews Oath Keeper Evidence. Ron DeSantis' Migrant Stunt | Trevor Noah. How Waves Could Power a Clean Energy Future. Breaking the Vote Series Trailer. How Ancient Art Captured Australian Megafauna.

How Waves Could Power a Clean Energy Future

Harnessing ocean waves for grid-scale electricity production would be a major boon to the clean energy industry. Now, an influx of federal funding is helping U.S. companies test wave energy technologies, giving hope that wave power will see massive growth over the next few decades.

Friday Nite Videos | July 22, 2021

"The Committee Telling Josh Hawley To Go F Himself." This Tech May Be a Geothermal Energy Breakthrough. Bernie Sanders: This Is an Existential Threat. Hallelujah: A Journey, A Song. The 60,000 Year Old Artefact Rewriting Neanderthal History.

This Tech May Be a Geothermal Energy Breakthrough

Geothermal energy has the potential to power the world. A gyrotron heat ray that melts rock (this is real!) might unlock this potential and make it a better renewable energy source than solar and wind.

Will War in Ukraine Hasten the End of Fossil Fuels?

Jack Marley The Conversation
Many countries have announced measures to cut imports of fuel and energy from Russia. But international resolve to cripple Russia’s revenue streams will not translate into comprehensive strategies for phasing out fossil fuels on its own.

A Critique of Degrowth

David Schwartzman Climate & Capitalism
A Global Green New Deal will entail sustainable economic growth, the creation of a wind/solar energy infrastructure replacing fossil fuels, restoration of natural ecosystems, agro-ecologies, green infrastructure
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