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Tidbits - Nov. 28, 2019 - Reader Comments: Impeachment-Obfuscation, Corruption; Benjamin Netanyahu; Bolivia, Chile; Puerto Rico; My Lai Massacre; Whistleblowers, Amazon; workers rights-Climate Crisis, #MeToo; book sale; more....

Reader Comments: Impeachment, Obfuscation, Political Corruption; Benjamin Netanyahu; International Solidarity- Bolivia, Chile; Puerto Rico; Vietnam War, My Lai Massacre; Whistleblowers, Amazon; workers rights-Climate Crisis, #MeToo; book sale; more.

Tenants Together: Stories, Struggles, and Strategies

Tenants Together Tenants Together
tenants demonstration in San Francisco It's been an exciting and challenging summer for California tenants. The good news: through our collective power, we are fighting back. Here's just a slice of the work Tenants Together and our members, partners, and allies are doing this summer!

Unions and the Gig-Economy: The Case of AirBnB

Steven Tufts Socialist Project
The so-called gig-economy is celebrated, maligned, fetishized, and qualified by analysts. Whether it is called the collaborative, platform, crowd-sourcing, or sharing-economy, the rise of peer-to-peer exchanges does raise important questions for workers. Do emerging ‘sharing-economy’ platforms such as Uber and Airbnb mark a significant shift in production and distribution systems? Are they emancipatory or exploitive?

New Housing Report Points to a Bleak Future for Renters

Gillian B. White The Atlantic
America’s rental housing crisis will worsen over the next decade with millions more struggling to make their monthly payments. According to a new study by the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies and Enterprise Community Partners, the rental population in the U.S. will climb by 4 million over the next 10 years, and the percentage of Americans who are severely rent-burdened (paying 50 percent or more) will increase by 11 percent, to 13 million people by 2025.

Wall Street Moving in on American Dream

Mary Ellen Podmolik Chicago Tribune
The arrival of national landlords has raised questions about the long-term effects on mom-and-pop landlords, neighborhoods and affordability.
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