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Why Wealth Gap has Grown Despite Record-long Economic Growth

Christopher Rugaber ABC News
As the wealth gap has widened, income gains have remained anemic for Americans at all levels for the past decade. Many economists argue that what's needed is simply higher incomes so more Americans can save and build wealth.

The American Savings Crisis, Explained

Jeff Spross The Week
Americans didn't magically suffer a collective collapse in self-discipline over the last four decades. So what changed? The economy, stupid.

Tidbits - December 29, 2016 - Reader Comments: Working People of All Colors; Retirement Inequality; No Rockettes and the Inauguration; UN Resolution; Anti-Russia Frenzy; History, Political Strategy; and more...

Reader Comments: Calling Working People of All Colors; The Scandal of Vast Inequality in Retirement Pay; Ohio Factory Workers Fight for a Union; No Rockettes Will Be Required to Perform at Inauguration; 25 Places That Raised the Minimum Wage in 2016; The UN Security Council Resolution; Israeli Hysteria Over UN Vote; Stop Fueling the Anti-Russia Frenzy; History, Political Strategy - for the Future; Resources; National Single Payer Strategy Conference; and more...

Lies, Damn Lies, and Retirement Savings

Monique Morrissey Economic Policy Institute
The sad reality is that the only households with any 401(k) savings to speak of are white non-Hispanic, college-educated, married couples. Even within this narrow demographic, all but the wealthiest who use retirement accounts as tax shelters, would be better off under a more egalitarian and efficient system.

Powerball Trip

Matthew Vaz In These Times
How a proposal for a socially conscious lottery panicked corporations and birthed the 9-figure jackpot.
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