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The 2023 UAW Strike: A Turning Point in Labor History?

Nelson Lichtenstein New Labor Forum
Should the UAW's southern organizing drive succeed, then its 2023 work stoppage will stand with the great strikes of 1937 and 1946 as a social and political achievement of epic proportions.


Rolling Back “Right-To-Work” in States

Barry Eidlin Jacobin
Michigan’s repeal of its “right-to-work” law could be a huge boon to labor — not because a flood of new members will instantly join unions, but because the entire country is hearing the message that the state will not tolerate flagrant union busting.


How Starbucks Workers Won in Mesa

Saurav Sarkar Labor Notes
Starbucks Workers United (SWU) won its third store election February 28 in Mesa, Arizona. The vote was an overwhelming 25-3.
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