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The MAGA storming of the Capitol is one year old. The attempted coup is still happening. The reshaping of the Republican Party as an insurrectionary force and the expansion of armed gangs aim to smash democracy. Please help us to inform, to mobilize and to inspire the forces of multi-racial, radical, inclusive democracy to defeat this threat in 2022.


Alabama Shakes: Future People

Alabama Shakes has a unique soulful rock sound. This is from their new (second) album, Sound & Color, which debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200.


Patti Smith: Her Private Papers

Geoffrey O'Brien The New York Review of Books
Legendary rock star Patti Smith's look back expresses supremely well the tentativeness of every movement forward, the sense of following a path so risky, so sketchily perceptible, that at any moment one might go astray and never be heard from again, never perhaps even hear from the deepest part of oneself again. For a book that ends in success, it is acutely sensitive to that abyss of failure that haunts the attempt to become any kind of artist.

Friday Nite Videos -- April 17, 2015

The Jon Stewart Mysteries Presents. Amandla Stenberg: Don't Cash Crop On My Cornrows. Do Federal Taxes Reduce Income Inequality? The Wanted 18: Movie Teaser. Jimmy Page: How Stairway to Heaven Was Written.

Jimmy Page: How Stairway to Heaven Was Written

Stairway to Heaven was one of the biggest rock songs of the 1970s - loved, imitated and sometimes parodied. Guitarist Jimmy Page gives a personal account of how a rock anthem came together.

Creedence Clearwater Revival: Fortunate Son

Some folks are born 
made to wave the flag
Ooh, they're red white and blue

It ain't me, it ain't me
I ain't no senator's son

This Vietnam wartime song (1969) puts a spotlight on the unequal sacrifices hidden by patriotic spouting.

There's Somethin' Happenin' Here

Rock group Buffalo Springfield (including Stephen Stills and Neil Young) perform their most influential song, For What It's Worth.

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