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The Charter School Mistake

Diane Ravitch Los Angeles Times
'Reforming' schools by giving tax money to corporations is a distraction from the system's real problems - poverty and racial segregation.

Atlanta Test Cheating: Tip of the Iceberg?

Valerie Strauss Answer Sheet Blog
It would be easy to think that the Atlanta cheating scandal by adults on standardized tests is the worst we have seen, given last week’s startling indictment against former Atlanta schools superintendent Beverly Hall and 34 others under a law used against mobsters.

Teacher boycott of standardized test in Seattle spreads

Valerie Strauss The Washington Post
A boycott of Washington state’s mandated standardized test by teachers at a Seattle school is spreading to other schools and winning support across the country, including from the two largest teachers’ unions, parents, students, researchers and educators.


Teacher Fight Backs and Contractors Threaten ULPs Against NYC School Bus Drivers

Teachers unions and other educational service workers across the country - in New York, Seattle, and Hawaii - are fighting against further cuts in school budgets, for better quality education for their students. In New York, school bus drivers prepare to strike for job security for trained professional drivers; in Seattle, teachers vote to refuse to give standardized tests; in Hawaii teachers campaign for a penny tax increase dedicated to education.
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