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Not the Win We Wanted, but a Win Nonetheless

Tressie McMillan Cottom New York Times
This isn’t full debt cancellation, but it will help a lot of people, especially those who got the rawest deal. That includes millions who have debt but no degree and those who took loans to pay for degrees in trades like cosmetology and mechanics.

Friday Nite Videos | August 26, 2022

Freedom Dreams: Black Women and the Student Debt Crisis. With Indictments Looming, It's Time To Have 'The Talk' With Trump Supporters. America’s Last Affordable Housing. A Giant Laser Simulates a Planet’s Core. Amazon Workers Stage Mass Walkout.

One Way Out of the White House Political Box on Student Debt

David Dayen The American Prospect
If they auto-enroll everyone in their newly generous income-driven repayment plan, it will significantly take the sting out of resuming payments. Joe Biden’s plan is the culmination of years of activist work.

Ending Pandemic Aid Created a Disaster

Andrew Perez & Nick Byron Campbell The Lever
New government data show that after the government terminated pandemic relief programs, millions more Americans began struggling to survive.
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