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Media Bits and Bytes - January 8, 2019

Tech Workers Stand Up; TV Goes Global; Biz Adapts; China's History Censored; The End of Women's Mags; NBC News Confidential; German Hacker Nabbed

Tidbits - April 7, 2016 - Reader Comments: Bernie - Jewish Secular Values; Long Legs of Bernie's Army; 2016 - not 1968 or 1932; John McCain: Salute to a Communist; Fidel's Message; and lots more...

Reader Comments: Bernie - Jewish Secular Values and what they represent; Long Legs of Bernie's Army; 2016 is not 1968 or 1932; John McCain: Salute to a Communist; Fidel's Message to Brother Obama; the Right Minimum Wage; Tech Workers and the Working Class; Israeli Minister Calls for 'Civil ' Targeted Killings of BDS Leaders - Azmi Bishara is No Enemy of the Israeli State; Military Leviathan and the Draft; Announcements: Washington, DC; Brooklyn; Berkeley; New York


Why Tech Professionals Now Share A Fate with the Working Class

The debate this election cycle about how to shore up the American middle class and the longer-term worry that automation will chip away at the labor market both miss a more proximate and pressing reality: knowledge work, including tech jobs, are already being shipped overseas. What happened to manufacturing jobs a generation ago is now being repeated in the knowledge economy, linking the fates of the professional class and the working class together.

Tidbits - March 10, 2016 - Reader Comments: International Women's Day; Democracy Spring; Trumpism; Stephen Hawking; Remembering Dr. Quentin Young; and more...

Reader Comments: Celebrating International Women's Day (Bev Grant in song); Democracy Spring - call for national civil disobedience actions in Washington, DC in April; Trumpism - What it Means; Race and Representation; Stephen Hawking and Robots; In Memory of Dr. Quentin Young; Tech Workers and Unions; Report from Palestine; Leonard Peltier Film Series starts in New York.


Tech Workers Should Unionize

Hamilton Nolan Gawker
The fact that your company gives you good free lunches and shuttles to work and nice paycheck does not change the fact that you could get more by negotiating together, as a union. Anyone smart enough to get a job at Google is smart enough to grasp these facts.
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