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Can Unions Turn the Covid Crisis Into a ‘1945 Moment’?

Dave Ward interviewed by Ben Chako Morning Star
Identifying allies to build labour movement power in localities is a key part of making the New Deal a success. “Who can we work with to build collectivism and rebuild our movement from the ground up, renewing our connections with working people?"

Jeremy Corbyn’s speech to TUC Congress 2019

Jeremy Corbyn TUC
Parliament stands empty shut down by a Prime Minister running away from scrutiny. But we mustn’t mistake the drama at Westminster for real politics. Real politics is about giving power to people so they can take control of their own lives.


Mandela 100: Living the Legacy

Lynn Collins TUC
On the centenary of Nelson Mandela’s birth, Lynn Collins, British Trade Union Congress regional secretary, explains how his legacy will live on in Liverpool for generations to come.


Brexit and Migration: a Swiss View

Vasco Pedrina Global Labour Institute
We have to grasp the fact that the supposedly stupid people who are under the influence of right-wing populists, who refuse to understand that impoverishment is the price that has to be paid for the enrichment of the few and the unstoppable globalisation of capitalism, are really not so stupid. They are calling for a change of course. And so we must think back to the idea of solidarity, of social rights and democracy.

The Kind of Society we Want

Jeremy Corbyn openDemocracy
Jeremy Corbyn was elected leader of the British Labour Party on September 12. He gave his first major speech three days later, September 15, to delegate attending the UK's Trade Union Congress, annual gathering three days later on 15 September. He rejected a style of top down leadership, in favor of one that enables everybody, every union branch, every party branch and every union, so we organically develop their strengths, ideas, and imagination.


TUC LBGT Makes a Stand Against Harassment

Joana Ramiro Morning Star
Delegates to British Trade Union Congress LBGT conference take stand against homophobic slurs and hate crimes. TUC Assistant General Secretary states "We know that LBGT workers are two and a half times more likely to face workplace bullying and discrimination.
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