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Unions Can’t Be Rebuilt Piecemeal. We Need To Go Big.

The 1930s rise of the Congress of Industrial Organizations led to millions of people being union members for the first time. The lesson of the CIO is that it’s necessary to harness the collective power of the working class on a grand scale.


NLRB Orders UMWA To Pay Strike Costs

United MIne Workers of America UMWA
NLRB demand for UMWA to pay Warrior Met Coal strike costs “outrageous,” threatens American workers’ right to strike

The Amazon Army and the 1919-1922 Kansas Coal Strikes

Robert Ovetz Portside
Unlike most of the other struggles of this era, this strike rested on the firm backbone of the women of the mining families and communities who continued the fight when the men were beaten and jailed and the strike near defeat.


Trumka Dies Leaving the American Labor Movement at a Crossroads

Steve Wishnia
Trumka's death deprives the labor movement of a central figure at a time when a resurgence of union activity has brought hope of undoing the defeats of the past decade and the decline of union membership, particularly in the private sector.


Fighting for Coal Country

UMWA Journal
Working to preserve what we have now is what’s important. That’s what started the labor movement. Keeping the union strong and alive is about securing the jobs we have now and finding real solutions to transitioning to new ones.


Mineworkers Union Supports Biden's Green Energy Plan

Brian Young UCOMM Blog
I’m for any jobs we can create that would be good-paying jobs for our brothers and sisters who have lost them in the UMWA. As we confront a next wave of energy transition, we must take steps to ensure that things do not get worse for coal miners.
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