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The Media’s Climate Blindspot

Saleemul Huq, Mark Hertsgaard Columbia Journalism Review 
Last week, virtually every news outlet in the global North ignored a landmark meeting where leaders of low-income countries articulated their positions prior to the make-or-break United Nations COP26 climate summit in November.

Make Normalizing Relations with Cuba a Priority

Medea Benjamin Foreign Policy in Forcus
With the stroke of a pen, Biden could lift trade and travel restrictions and allow unrestricted remittances to Cuba, alleviating needless pandemic suffering.

The Deceptive Trump, UAE-Israel ‘Peace Deal’

Medea Benjamin, Ariel Gold (Consortium News) Jennifer Hansler, Richard Roth (CNN) Consortium News / CNN
Among the most brutal realities for Palestinians is loss of support from Arab states, who pay lip service to their own populations, while drawing closer to Israel with economic interests and Iran in mind.
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