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5 Reasons Why a Debt Commission Is the Wrong Prescription

Sharon Parrott, Joel Friedman Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
Raising revenues is central to any responsible effort to reduce deficits, but there is no sign that long-standing Republican resistance to raising revenues has reversed or even softened.

Results and Analysis From Alaska’s First RCV Election

Deb Otis FairVote
According to a new poll from Patinkin Research Strategies, 85% of Alaskans said ranking is simple and 95% said they received instructions on how to complete their ranked choice ballot – indicative of the Alaska Division of Elections great voter education efforts.

House Inaction Escalates Community’s Demands for Immigration Reform

Amanda Peterson Beadle Immigration Impact
Blocks from the U.S. Capitol, five religious and labor leaders launched the “Fast for Families” on Tuesday, committing to fast from food and drink until Congress passes immigration reform. Along with the long-term fasters, people are joining as “solidarity fasters,” fasting for a shorter period of time both in D.C. and across the country. Officials and members of Congress have gone to the tent to hear from the fasters about their mission.
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