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PACT Act Problems

Suzanne Gordon, Steve Early The Progressive
The VA is unprepared for a flood of claims from veterans disabled by toxic exposure.

The Far Right in Uniform: How Extreme Is the U.S. Military?

Nan Levinson TomDispatch
A military is, of course, innately hierarchical, authoritarian, and adversarial, and war, by definition, is terror. There is an inheritance of violence in our increasingly militarized land that ought to concern us all, too.

Why Labor Is Fighting to Save Veterans’ Healthcare

Suzanne Gordon and Ian Hoffmann Labor Notes
“Some in Congress want to underfund the VA so they can say that government doesn’t work,” says Dusten Retcher, a 29-year old Air Force veteran, who processes veterans’ benefit claims in Minneapolis. “Then they want to turn it over to the private market.”
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