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No Rest for the Wiki

Rebecca Panovka Bookforum
"If Wikipedia is a test case for techno-utopianism," writes reviewer Panovka, "it is also a test case for an older ideology similarly unfashionable these days—your garden-variety Enlightenment-era liberalism."

The Media and Chelsea Manning's New Gender: Two Takes

What is the best way to use pronouns in reporting on a transgender person, according to GLAAD and AP? Which media outlets did a good job with pronouns reporting on Bradley/Chelsea Manning? Wikipedia handled the revision of their entry swiftly and with little controversy. But in other media, the picture was decidedly more mixed.

Media Bits & Bytes – On the Move Edition – May 7, 2013

Racializing the Boston Bombers; LA Times Drops the "I-Word"; NY Times, Not So Much; ESPN Becomes New Conduit to Obama; Newspapers Remain Immobile; Online Ads Follow You Around; New Fight Over Internet `Wiretapping'; Feds Becoming Big Customer of Consumer Data Collected by Corporations; Decade of iTunes Killed the CD Industry; Journalism or Churnalism?; Wikipedia Has Women Problems
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