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Through a Grid, Darkly

Adrienne Raphel Los Angeles Review of Books
This book, writes reviewer Raphel, "is both a memoir and a cultural analysis of American crosswords from the 1910s through the 2010s."

Friday Nite Videos | March 3, 2023

The History of Women's History Month. Trump Train Visit Cold Open | SNL. East Palestine Trump Voters Speak About the Rail Disaster. Alaska Daily 2023 Trailer. The Truth Behind “Self-Made” Billionaires | Robert Reich.

This Halloween, Lessons From the Salem Witch Trials

Anna K. Danziger Halperin History News Network
The Salem witch trials of 1692 were a defining example of intolerance and injustice in American history. Twenty five innocent women, men, and children lost their lives. When confronted with injustice in our lives today, what role will we play?


The Unlikely Life of a Socialist Activist Resonates a Century Later

Jennifer Szalai The New York Times
Adam Hochschild here produces a rich biography of the World War One-era socialist insurgent, Russian Jewish immigrant Rose Pastor Stokes, an impoverished cigar worker who counterintuitively married well and never forsook her working class roots.
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