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Not Mad Enough

Elaine Margolin Los Angeles Review of Books
This book, by two pioneering feminist literary critics, is an attempt, writes reviewer Margolin, "to follow the cultural history of feminism from the movement’s earliest days up to our present time"


Diane di Prima: A Tribute

Carina del Valle Schorske The New York Times
Here is a fine tribute to di Prima, who died October 25. She was 86 years old. She was an outstanding figure in mid-to-late 20th Century rebel culture in the United States and was one of that culture's most important poets.


Where are the Social Movements in Fiction

Juliana Barnet Protect our Activists
Ten guesses why social justice activism rarely appears in our novels and movies. In the midst of major popular uprising, where are the lists of stories that would draw us into the heads and hearts of activist characters taking on injustices they face
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