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Tidbits - May 6, 2021 - Reader Comments: Biden Recovery Plan; Struggle for Racial Justice; Heroes-Not Saints; Myanmar; Yiddish Immigrants; Book Sale; Puerto Rican Socialist Party; Climate Change; Pensions; Labor and Media; Zoom events; more....

Reader Comments: Biden Recovery Plan; US History, Racism and Struggle for Racial Justice; Heroes But Not Saints; Myanmar; Yiddish, Immigrants, U.S. left; Book Sale; Puerto Rican Socialist Party; Climate Change; Pensions; Labor and Media; Zoom events

Before Birobidzhan

Yevgeniy Fiks In Geveb-A Journal of Yiddish Studies
In September 2017, artist and scholar Yevgeniy Fiks visited the Jewish Autonomous Region to see what it is, instead of what it was expected to have been. He shared two essays with us, “Before Birobidzhan” and “Diocese of Birobidzhan”, originally published on his website

Review: ‘Death of a Salesman’… in Yiddish. At the New Yiddish Rep.

Christopher Peterson
The Yiddish/Jewish element increases the feelings of isolation and societal pressure in Willie and his family in a way that seems both inherent, yet also novel. The job of art is to make familiar things new and new things familiar; this rendition does both, in its own mysterious way.

Tidbits - August 21, 2014

Reader Comments - We need a special prosecutor ((Cornell William Brooks, NAACP); Ferguson, Racism, Economic Inequality, Michael Brown, Police Militarization; Racism and Misuse of Genetics; Rosetta Comet; Jewish Resources for Resisting Nationalism; Robin Williams; Israel, Gaza and Hamas; NFL's New Low - Asks Performers to Pay to Play at Super Bowl; Today in History - Nat Turner's Rebellion; Tomorrow - Fannie Lou Hamer & the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party

Friday Nite Videos -- August 23, 2013

A New Generation of Civil Rights Fighters. The Story of Gershwin, Harlem and the Blues. Deport the Statue of Liberty. Cracking the Codes: A Trip to the Grocery Store. When Comedy Went to School. Richie Havens at Woodstock (in memoriam).

The Limeliters -- Rumania, Rumania

A nostalgic Yiddish song about 'The Old Country,' here performed by the Limeliters in Yiddish and with English translation and wry commentary by Lou Gottlieb. Rumania, Rumania was written by Aaron Lebedeff, who immigrated to the United States in 1920. For more Songs of Immigration, Deportation and Identity, go here.
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