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Friday Nite Videos -- Jan 17, 2014

Playing for Change: I'd Rather Go Blind. Defending the Right to Protest. UNMANNED: America's Drone Wars. Organisms Do Evolve.

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Playing for Change: I'd Rather Go Blind
PFC Band Live performance of the Etta James Classic, "I'd Rather Go Blind", filmed at Byron Bay, Australia

Defending the Right to Protest
New York City has agreed to pay nearly $18 million for the arrest, detention and fingerprinting of hundreds of protesters, journalists, legal observers and bystanders during the 2004 Republican National Convention

UNMANNED: America's Drone Wars
The teaser trailer for director Robert Greenwald's highly anticipated upcoming film, UNMANNED: America's Drone Wars

Organisms Do Evolve
A 'crazy dorky scientist' and Miley fan just couldn't resist making this 'Wrecking Ball' parody