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REWIND - A Week of Quotes and Cartoons

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!; Progressive Budget, Ryan Budget and economic inequality; General Motors; Supreme Court McCutcheon decision; USAID, Twitter and Cuba; Ukraine

REWIND - A Week of Quotes and Cartoons - March 31 - April 5, 2014,Portside

REWIND - A Week of Quotes and Cartoons
March 31 - April 5, 2014


Quote of the Day
March 31, 2014

'When supply falls below demand, somebody doesn't have
enough food.

'When some people don't have food, you get starvation.
Yes, I'm worried.'

Michael Oppenheimer, a Princeton
University climate scientist who
helped write the report, by the
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change issued

New York Times
March 31, 2014

Toon of the Day

The New Primary
M. Wuerker


Quote of the Day
April 1, 2014

'In order to ensure that future productivity gains don't
go overwhelmingly to a small sliver at the top, we'll
need a mechanism to give the middle class and the poor a
share in future growth.

'One possibility: A trust fund for every child at birth,
composed of an index of stocks and bonds whose value is
inversely related to family income, which becomes
available to them when they turn eighteen. Through the
magic of compounded interest, this could be a
considerable sum. The funds would be financed by a small
surtax on capital gains and a tax on all financial

Economist Robert Reich
Robert Reich blog
March 31, 2014

Toon of the Day

The Savior
Tom Toles
Washington Post


Quote of the Day
April 2, 2014

'He only hears with his right ear.'

Pierre Laurent, national secretary
of the French Communist Party on
learning of the naming of Manuel Valls
as the country's new prime minister

Yahoo News
April 2, 2014

Toon of the Day

The Keys
Stuart Carlson


Quote of the Day
April 3, 2014

'This budget distinguished itself from the Ryan Budget
in many ways. This budget is about investment, this
budget is about job creation, this budget is about
stabilizing and enhancing Social Security, this budget
is about immigration reform, The Ryan budget is [a
culmination of] the failed policies of the last six
years, which takes America down the same path, further
jeopardizing the economy of this nation.'

Representative Raul M. Grijalva (D) for
Arizona's 3rd Congressional District.
comparing the "Better Off Budget".
offered up by Congressional
Progressive Caucus with vision of a
Republican budget recently presented by
Rep.Paul Ryan

Cited by Jon Queally,
staff writer
Common Dreams
April 3, 2014

Toon of the Day

Jeff Danziger


Quote of the Day
April 4 ,2014

'As secretary of state, Hillary Rodham Clinton pushed
for many such programs around the world, noting the
success of social media in organizing protests in Egypt
and Tunisia.

'The documents cited by The A.P., which it did not
separately publish, made clear that contractors working
on the Cuba project wanted to keep their telephone
database confidential.

'The State Department has long viewed text messaging as
a potential instrument of so-called street diplomacy,
especially after it was widely used in Iran in 2009 to
organize protests against the re-election of Mahmoud
Ahmadinejad as president.'

New York Times
'U.S. Says It Tried to Build a Social
Media Site in Cuba, but Failed'
April 4 ,2014

Toon of the Day

For Sale
Tom Toles
Washington Post


Quote of the Day
April 5, 2014

'USLAW encourages our affiliates and all union members
to better understand the situation in Ukraine, and
events leading up to the current crisis. We caution
against relying on the corporate media for an accurate
and unbiased perspective.  To that end, we have posted a
resource list of articles, essays and videos on our
Website called Ukraine Crisis Reader (, and will update the
resources as new material becomes available. We
encourage a patient nuanced approach to a complicated
situation, but an approach that denies the legitimacy of
military action of any sort. The only way to resolve
this crisis is through diplomacy.'

U.S. Labor Against the War
April 2, 2014

Toon of the Day

Stuart Carlson

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