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Friday Nite Videos -- May 15, 2015

BB King - 'The Thrill Is Gone'. BB King 'Swaps Some Blues' With a Prison Audience. Southern Rites (HBO Documentary). Jeb Bush’s ‘Weird’ Iraq Answers. Bernie Sanders: "Call Me a Democratic Socialist"!

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BB King - 'The Thrill Is Gone'
BB King (1993), a world-reknowned musician and blues ambassador, performing his biggest hit at the Montreux, Switzerland, jazz festival.

BB King 'Swaps Some Blues' in Prison
A young BB King performs for a prison audience, who he came to 'swap some blues with.' 

Southern Rites (HBO Documentary)

Producer John Legend set out to document the desegregation of a Southern prom, and discovered that it would turn into a much larger story. Airs May 18.

Jeb Bush’s ‘Weird’ Iraq Answers
Jon Stewart wades through all of Jeb Bush‘s different answers on Iraq. Misheard the question. Mistakes get made all the time. These questions do a disservice to the soldiers. Really, is it so hard?

Bernie Sanders: "Call Me a Democratic Socialist"! 
U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders joins Thom Hartmann for their weekly town hall meeting, Brunch with Bernie, and says he's proud to be called a Democratic Socialist.