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Friday Nite Videos -- January 1, 2016

Playing for Change: Pemba Laka. Fewer Police Killings in 2016? 'Make America Great Again.' Why Mormons Identify With Syrian Refugees. Noam Chomsky Endorses Bernie Sanders.

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Playing for Change: 'Pemba Laka'
PFC shares their newest Song Around The World, “Pemba Laka,” a joyful song that will bring a smile to your face to begin the new year. 

Will There Be Fewer Police Killings in 2016?
The killing of Mike Brown in August 2014 made the world wake up to police gun use in America. 

'Make America Great Again'
Dwain, from Mullets Over America, sings the anthem "Make America Great Again" 'bout the general awesomeness of Donald J Trump.

Why Mormons Identify With Syrian Refugees
They were religious exiles once too

Noam Chomsky Endorses Bernie Sanders
Noam Chomsky says Bernie Sanders is the only choice for President, Hillary Clinton is just another part of the establishment, and Republicans are "off the chart Right wing."