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Friday Nite Videos | Jan 12, 2018

Long Ago, Far Away | Odetta Sings Dylan. Tapper: You Know Who Loved Trump's Comments? Global Responses to Trump's 'Shithole' Remarks. Harry Belafonte | Zombie Jamboree. Camperforce | Documentary.

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Long Ago, Far Away | Odetta Sings Dylan

Odetta, the musical 'Voice of the Civil Rights Movement,' brings the haunting refrain of one of Bob Dylan's most radical songs about war, inequality and oppression: Things like that don't happen / No more, nowadays. 


Tapper: You Know Who Loved Trump's Comments?

CNN's Jake Tapper compares reactions to President's Trump "shithole countries" remarks following the President's tweeted denial.


Global Responses to Trump's 'Shithole' Remarks

Here's how the world responded to President Trump's disparaging Jan. 11 remarks about immigrants from "shithole countries," including El Salvador, Haiti and all of Africa.


Harry Belafonte | Zombie Jamboree

In Belafonte's version, the Zombie Jamboree takes place in a New York cemetery, naturally enough, in the wake of nuclear war, which Belafonte adds a verse about how to avert.


Camperforce | Documentary

A short by Jessica Bruder and Laura Poitros (Citizenfour) featuring the stories of some of the thousands of nomadic senior citizens recruited by Amazon to work in its far-flung giant warehouses. With secret camera footage from inside the Amazon empire, and a twist ending.

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