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Global Left Midweek - August 1, 2018

Total Shutdown in South Africa; Euro Left and Migration; Activism Under Duterte; Argentina vs IMF; Reproductive Rights Victories; Young Activists Go Electoral

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Buenos Aires: "No to IMF, detestable debt",

Welcome to Global Left Midweek, formerly Global Left Saturday. There’s a lot more going on in left parties and social movements around the world than what we know from the US media. This Wednesday feature focuses on new developments that have a direct connection to domestic efforts for social transformation, peace, and planetary survival. - Portside moderators

South Africa: Nationwide Action Against Gender-Based Violence
Aphiwe Ngalo / Daily Maverick

On Wednesday 1 August 2018, women and gender non-conforming people from all corners of South Africa plan to shut down activity in the country and march in protest against gender-based violence.

Germany: An Internationalist Answer
Gregor Gysi / transform! europe (Vienna)

Across the Left in Europe and Germany, there are those who focus on national responses, and those who seek and develop internationalist responses.

Philippines: Mindanao Activists Never Folded Their Banners
Kloyde A. Caday / New Mandala (Canberra)

Rejection and apathy are blocks that try to subdue the young activists in urban Mindanao. But they are focused on a more important duty, and that is to call upon the people to come out from their comfort zone through dialogues and mobilisations.

Argentina Says: Never Again IMF!
Zoe PC / (New Delhi)

In the late 90s, IMF intervention in the Argentine economy led to a massive crisis and provoked a major social mobilization against the organization and the government. As president Mauricio Macri seeks to repeat history, the people are preparing for another huge round of protests.

What the New Global Pro-Choice Movements Can Teach Politics
Deirdre Duffy / The Conversation (Boston)

There has been huge progress in countries like Argentina and the Republic of Ireland contributing to historic commitments by their governments to ensuring abortion access.

Europe: Mistrust in the Institutions Motivated Social Movements to Participate in Electoral Politics
Donatella della Porta / Krytyka Polityczna (Warsaw)

Young activists often connect to social movements of the past but with the exception of trade unions, and are open to transnational organization.