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Global Left Midweek - June 12, 2019

Mass Uprisings: Sudan, Algeria, Haiti, Honduras * Black Vests in France * Soc Dems Dilemma in Denmark * Philippines Labor Leader Gunned Down * Trump Declares War on UK Labour

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In Port-Au-Prince, protesters calling for the resignation of President Jovenel Moise, Credit: Patrice Douge, Haitian Times
  1. Revolt If Not Revolution: Algeria and Sudan
  2. Sudan: 'Build Barricades, Then Run'
  3. Call for Solidarity with Sudan's Uprising
  4. France: Black Vests!
  5. Strike Paralyses Haiti
  6. Honduras: Roots of the National Strike
  7. Denmark: Social Democrats' Dilemma
  8. Philippines Labor Organizer Gunned Down
  9. State Department: We'll Fight Corbyn Before Election

Revolt If Not Revolution: Algeria and Sudan

Gilbert Achcar / Le Monde diplomatique (Paris)

Is this the next phase of a profound change in the Arab world? The uprisings haven’t repeated the mistakes of 2011.


Sudan: 'Build Barricades, Then Run'

Kaamil Ahmed / Middle East Eye (London)

Anger against military council moves from open demonstrations to civil disobedience amid a violent crackdown.

Call for Solidarity with Sudan's Uprising

The Central Committee of Sudan Doctors’ Media / Alliance of Middle Eastern Socialists

Please spread widely to radical organizations, anti-racist organizations, progressive politicians and especially to any unions in the health and medical field. Statements,  protests and other events  in solidarity with the Sudanese uprising are desperately needed.

France: Black Vests!

Luke Butterly / Verso Books (London)

The Gilets Noirs, the largest collective of undocumented migrants in France, have been conducting a series of high profile actions, most notably the recent protests at Charles De Gaulle airport calling for an end to deportation flights. 

Strike Paralyses Haiti

Al Jazeera (Doha, Qatar)

Protesters demand the resignation of President Jovenel Moise over corruption allegations.

Honduras: Roots of the National Strike

Beth Geglia / NACLA Report (New York)

As Honduran teachers and doctors resist the neoliberal restructuring of health and education services, educator and organizer Bayron Rodríguez Pineda explains the roots of the mobilizations and the growing people power in the streets.

Denmark: Social Democrats' Dilemma

Rune Møller Stahl / Jacobin (New York)

Denmark’s general election is set to produce the most left-wing parliament in decades. But the country’s Social Democrats have disgraced themselves with anti-immigrant rhetoric.

Philippines: Labor Organizer Gunned Down

Business and Human Rights Resource Center (New York)

Various groups have released statements of condemnation and urgent calls for government to investigate Leonides "Dennis" Sequeña's death and the growing number of killings of activists and leaders fighting for workers' rights.


State Department: We'll Fight Corbyn Before Election

John Hudson / Washington Post

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said he would not wait for Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn to become prime minister to “push back” against him or any future actions he might take against Britain’s Jews. Defenders of Corbyn say the charges of anti-Semitism are politically motivated and stem from his long-standing support of Palestinian rights and criticism of Israeli government policies and Western imperialism.