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The unstraight scoop from NPR, Chuck Todd, NYT; Trump's everyday outrages; Female anchors fight back; AI and the election; SCOTUS social media crackdown

John Cole

When NPR Is More Dangerous Than Fox News

By Robert Wright
June 24, 2019

Throughout America’s mainstream media, there's a consistent failure to exercise “cognitive empathy”—to see the world from Iran’s point of view and so, for example, understand that Iranian moves that America considers offensive and provocative Iran may consider defensive. Failing to do this elementary exercise can lead the United States to exaggerate the threat Iran poses, which in turn can lead to war.

How Chuck Todd Distorts Reality

By Nancy LeTourneau
June 20, 2019
Washington Monthly

It is true that right-wing media outlets like Fox News are dangerous as propaganda arms of the Trump presidency. But mainstream journalists who distort reality by prioritizing balance over truth are also complicit.


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The Times’s Secret Sources

By Katie Halper
June 28, 2019

NYT's Sydney Ember hides corporate ties of Sanders critics she highlights.

Someone Accused Trump of Rape. The Media Shrugged

By Arwa Mahdawi
June 26, 2019
The Guardian

Why the relative quiet around E Jean Carroll’s allegation? Is it sexism? Outrage fatigue? Journalistic cowardice? All of the above?

News Anchors Sue Charter Communications for Sexism

By Alexia Fernández Campbellart
June 20, 2019

“It is not surprising that a company without female leadership acquiesces to a workplace where discrimination thrives and fails to take appropriate measures to ensure that these issues are taken seriously and appropriately addressed when raised.”

Will AI Swing the 2020 Election?

By John Feffer
June 19, 2019
Foreign Policy in Focus

Deepfake technology undermines any hope of once again conducting national conversations on the basis of observable reality.

Supreme Court Threat to Social Media Free Speech

By Rebecca Worby
June 17, 2019
Pacific Standard

The court ruled that First Amendment protections don't apply to a corporation that operates a public access channel in New York.