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Global Left Midweek - July 17, 2019

Puerto Rico * Greece * France * Feminists on the Frontlines * Israel * Liberia * China

Thousands march to the Capitol Building and the governor's mansion on July 15, 2019 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. This is the third day protesters have called on Gov. Ricardo Rosselló to step down after a group chat was exposed that included misogyni,Photo by Jose Jimenez/Getty Images
  1. Puerto Rico
  2. Greek Election x 3
  3. Bastille Day: Black and Yellow
  4. Frontline Feminists
  5. Israel
  6. Liberia
  7. China

Police Attack Protesters Demanding Puerto Rico Governor’s Resignation

Deanna Paul / Washington Post

Protests demanding the immediate resignation of Puerto Rican Gov. Ricardo A. Rosselló erupted for a third day Monday night, with police in riot gear creating a human barricade outside of the governor’s mansion and launching tear gas and pepper spray into the crowd.

Three Takes on the Greek Election

Gary Younge / Guardian (London)

Panagiotis Sotiris / Historical Materialism (London)

Costas Lapavitsas / Jacobin (New York)

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Bastille Day: Black Vests at the Pantheon

Peoples Dispatch (New Delhi)

Inspired by the Gilets Jaunes, the black vest movement is highlighting the plight of undocumented migrants in France and taking forward the fight for their rights.

Paris Police Tear Gas Yellow Vests on Champs-Elysees

Conrad Duncan / The Independent (London)

As Paris authorities had banned all "yellow vest" demonstrations near the parade, many protesters did not wear the high-visibility jackets that give their movement its name.

Feminists on the Front Line in Seven Countries

Red Pepper (London)

Across the world, feminists are fighting the far right and fascism.

Ethiopian Israelis Protest After Officer in Shooting of Unarmed Man is Released

Noga Tarnopolsky / Los Angeles Times

Solomon Teka’s death provoked days of outrage and protests in Israel, with the nation’s main highways blocked by angry demonstrators that resulted in a few violent incidents.

Liberia: Protests Called for July 24

Alaskai Moore Johnson / Front Page Africa (Monrovia)

New protests to follow the June 7 action, when thousands of demonstrators against corruption descended on Liberia’s capital.

New Challenges to China’s Grassroots Organizers and Official Trade Union

China Labour Bulletin (Hong Kong)

The large-scale strikes and protests by factory workers that highlighted labour activism five years ago, are becoming less and less visible today. Labour activism is now far more fluid and transitory.