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Global Left Midweek - November 27, 2019

Women Stand Up! Palestine Takes On Trump! Also Three Reports from South America, UK Labour Manifesto, Revolutionary World Music, and Shack Dwellers Organize in South Africa!

March of women against domestic violence in Plaza Italia in Santiago, Chile, Photo: ELVIS GONZALEZ/EPA
  1. Massive International Protests Against Femicide
  2. Palestine Enraged
  3. South America in Rebellion
  4. UK Labour’s Manifesto
  5. The Music of Twenty-First-Century Uprisings
  6. Video: South African Shack Dwellers’ Leader Speaks

Massive International Protests Against Femicide

Photos: Worldwide "Gender Alert!" / Al Jazeera (Doha, Qatar)

Tens of Thousands March in France and Italy / MSN (Redmond WA)

Palestine Enraged

West Bank: Thousands Demonstrate Against Trump's Settlement OK  Shatha Hammad / Middle East Eye (London)

Liberator Arrested  Jaclynn Ashly / +972

South America in Rebellion

Bolivia  Christine Mathias / Dissent (New York)

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Chile  Frank Gaudichaud / No Borders (Portland MA)

Colombia  Adriaan Alsema / Colombia Reports (Medellin)

UK Labour Manifesto

Gary Younge / The Guardian (London)

After a decade of decay, Labour’s manifesto offers us hope for the future. The party has painted a picture of a greener, fairer society – and reminded us of the values that made Corbyn party leader.

The Music of Twenty-First-Century Uprisings

Alexander Billet / Jacobin (New York)

With enough power wielded from the bottom up, the social nature of music overwhelms our daily sense of isolation. The city’s contours and corners start to appear pliable, even radically democratic. We can see it, and hear it, in the music of these current uprisings.

Video: South African Shack Dwellers’ Leader Speaks

Peoples Dispatch (New Delhi)

S’bu Zikode of Abahlali baseMjondolo, the shack dwellers’ movement of South Africa, talks about the attacks on their occupations, the nature of state response and the possibilities of resistance at a social and political level.