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Global Left Midweek - April 29, 2020

Join the international May Day podcast! News reports and analysis from the worldwide left, and Lenin at 150!

Anti-government protesters gather outside a branch of the Central Bank in Sidon, Lebanon,The Daily Star/Mohammed Zaatari
  1. Virtual May Day International!
  2. New Insights Into the Triple Crisis 
  3. Physical Protest Reemerging: India, Lebanon, South Africa, Canada
  4. Mutual Aid Dispatches: India, Iran
  5. Fighting Slavery in Mali
  6. Chile: A Communist Mayor At Work 
  7. Lenin at 150

Virtual May Day International!

LabourStart and the International Trade Union Confederation

Featuring videos from trade unions around the world -- speeches, music and stories from workers' struggles on every continent.

New Insights Into the Triple Crisis

The Crisis and Social Reproduction  Alessandra Mezzadri / Developing Economics

Climate Justice and the Pandemic  Tetet Lauro and Nadja Charaby / Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung (Berlin)

Charting the Way Forward for Malaysia  Jeyakumar Devaraj / Links (Sydney)

Do It Now. Right Away  Serge Halimi / Le Monde diplomatique (Paris)

Organizing Under Lockdown  Bernd Bonfert / Roar (Amsterdam)

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Physical Protest Reemerging

India: Violence in West Bengal Suhrid Sankar Chattopadhyay / Frontline (Mumbai)

Lebanon: Fury at Currency Crisis  Timour Azhari / Al Jazeera (Doha)

South Africa: Protesting Under Lockdown  Fiona Anciano, SJ Cooper-Knock, Mmeli Dube, Mfundo Majola and Boitumelo M. Papane / OpenDemocracy (London)

Canada: Homeless Advocates Occupy School  Stephanie Ip / The Province (Vancouver)

Mutual Aid Dispatches

India: Protesters Turn Life Savers Kashif Kakvi / NewsClick (New Delhi)

Mutual Aid in Iran  Maziyar Ghiabi / MERIP (Takoma)

Fighting Slavery in Mali

Edward Rackley / African Arguments (London)

Under the banner of an organisation called Gambana (“equality” in Soninké), a network of activists encourage hereditary slaves to declare independence from their masters. Since 2017, over two thousand people have heeded their call before being forced to flee the area fearing retaliation.

Chile: A Communist Mayor At Work 

Alexander Panez Pinto / OpenDemocracy (London)

The local government of Recoleta, a commune in the metropolitan region of Santiago, Chile, has developed several programs in the areas of health, housing, cleaning, and education that have public ownership at their core. 

Lenin at 150

Ingar Solty / Socialist Project (Toronto)

Michael Brie / Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung

Vijay Prashad / LeftWord (New Delhi)