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Global Left Midweek - July 29, 2020

EU confronted on climate justice! Two takes on the Nicaraguan government! Bolivia! Bulgaria! The power of protest music... and more

Haydeé Vallino de Lemos, who lost two disappeared children, here with the granddaughter she recovered ten years after being born in captivity,Photo: Twitter
  1. Euro Climate Statement
  2. Workers Reject Delay of Bolivian Election
  3. UK: Beyond Labour?
  4. Nicaragua Debated
  5. Street Action in Bulgaria
  6. Protest Music Changes the World
  7. The Global Left and the Kurdish Fight
  8. Legacies

Euro Climate Statement

Luisa Neubauer, Greta Thunberg, Anuna de Wever van der Heyden and Adélaïde Charlier / Face the Climate Emergency

Climate and environmental justice can not be achieved as long as we continue to ignore and look away from the social and racial injustices and oppression that have laid the foundations of our modern world. 

Workers Reject Delay of Bolivian Election

Peoples Dispatch (New Delhi)

Unions and indigenous, peasant, rural and women organizations have organized massive demonstrations in the capital city La Paz as well as in El Alto, Potosi, Santa Cruz, Cochabamba, among others cities, under the banner of “For Democracy, Health and Life”. 

UK: Beyond Labour?

Sabrina Huck / Red Pepper (London)

Working politically from within institutions should mean pushing boundaries through agitation not negotiation, whilst simultaneously creating a counter-public sphere. If the strategy is successful, the existing institutions should be dissolved. 

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Nicaragua Debated

Whats Left?  Mike Phipps / Labour Hub

Support the FSLN Government  John Perry / Labour Hub

Bulgaria: Defining and Fighting Corruption

Vladimir Mitev / openDemocracy (London)

The ‘Anti-corruption’ fight in Bulgaria that erupted again on July 9, 2020, is caught in a clash between two conflicting concepts of what is at stake.

Protest Music Changes the World

Revolution in Latin Music  José Fajardo / Equal Times (Brussels)

Ethiopian Artists Murder Sparks a Movement  Ribka Ayana / Time (New York)

Philippines Pop Resistance  Ian Urrutia / CNN Philippines (Mandaluyong City)

The Global Left and the Kurdish Fight

Thomas Jeffrey Miley / Middle East Report (Tacoma)

Rojava may be distant from Europe and North America, but it is also organically linked to the international left through networks of solidarity forged over a generation by activists from the Kurdish diaspora.


Haydeé Vallino de Lemos, Argentina

Andrew Mlangeni, South Africa

Azimjan Askirov, Kyrgyzstan

Paulette Wilson, UK

Ernest Wamba Dia Wamba, DR Congo

Saeedah Cachalia, South Africa