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Media Bits and Bytes - September 8, 2020

Big Tech, big trouble... the Kenosha headline scandal... Epoch Times is after you, and more media news and views

Headline in Kenosha News and editor Daniel Thompson’s response,twitter


The Dilemmas of Big Tech

Stocks Collapse  By Barbara Smith, Business Insider

Election Confab  By Kyle Daly, Stef W. Kight and Sara Fischer, Axios

The Heavy Hand, Worldwide  By Deborah Brown, Foreign Policy in Focus

British Media Reform

Free Press  By Granville Williams, Morning Star

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BBC Culture War   By Jason Okundaye, Tribune

Recording Police Brutality

By Mariya Abdulkaf
The Verge

Outside a convenience store in Baytown, Texas, Isiah Benavides saw his friend being stopped by a police officer. Benavides took out his cellphone and hit record. He tells us what happened next.

Why Covid Tracking Tech Won’t Save Us

By Gennie Gebhart
Electronic Frontier Foundation

Ultimately, exposure notification technology won’t bail out poor planning or replace inadequate public health infrastructure, but it could misdirect resources and instill a false sense of safety.

The Kenosha Headline Scandal

By Scott Anderson

Daniel Thompson resigned from the Kenosha News over a Black Lives Matter rally headline. Now he embarks on a new journey.

Revolt at the Toronto Star

John Miller

Sixty-two staffers signed and quickly made public an unprecedented letter that had one purpose: A public shaming of the paper’s most prominent columnist, for a racist attack on a colleague.

Facebook and Islamophobia

By CJ Werleman
Middle East Eye

The social media platform has been used to incite and condone violence against adherents of the Islamic faith, from Myanmar to Kashmir to Palestine.

Epoch Times Stumping For Trump

By Michael Makowski
The Progressive

The Falun Gong paper is showing up in “specific neighborhoods” in an attempt to gain support for Trump in Wisconsin and beyond.

Sitcom Therapy

By Dorothy Woodend
The Tyee

Today sucks. So why not turn to the predictable, comfortable movies and TV of less crazy times.