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The Center Cannot Hold

Elizabeth Bruenig New York Times
Bernie Sanders’s strong showing in Iowa is a turning point in the battle between the party’s establishment and left wing.

Centrist Democrats Need a 2020 Reality Check Right Now!

Cas Mudde The Guardian
Andrew Gillum, former Tallahassee mayor and Democratic nominee for governor. Instead of obsessively pursuing white, middle-class midwestern voters, Democratic Party leaders must protect and expand their base. The Democratic electorate the Republicans will “allow” to vote in November will not be enough to defeat Trump.

A Single Father Dreams of a Bernie Victory

Nicholas Powers The Indypendent
So what if Bernie won? What would that mean? I would feel seen as a worker. I need that. We work and work and work and are too tired to see the future. We need better.

Seed the Vote: Political Assessment

Jason Negrón-Gonzales Organizing Upgrade
Our goal is not just to push Trump out of office, but to help shift the balance of power in the states where we are working in favor of communities of color, social justice organizations, and labor.

The 2020 Elections and the Anti-War Cause

Howard Machtinger Portside
nuclear bomb blast To make passionate arguments against the war machine can be a key part of the fight as well as contributing to building a long-term anti-war movement. The critique of militarism, both at home and abroad, is a crucial part of the resistance to Trump.


Vote First or Die

Shehryar Fazli Los Angeles Review of Books
The first-in-the-nation primary, in New Hampshire, looks to many like a quaint relic from a far different USA and a far different time. This book offers a tour of that primary's history and looks at why it endures.
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