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Dispatches From the Culture Wars - Bad News and Good News

First inventory of the election from hell

Nevertheless, they persisted! Credit,Mark Makela/Getty Images

Election Assessments

Nina Turner, Washington Post​​​​​​
Walden Bello, Rappler 
Max Elbaum (podcast), Letters and Politics, KPFA 

Juan González, Democracy Now!
Thomas Frank, The Guardian
Michael Roberts, The Next Recession

Authoritarians Find Acceptance

By Zeynep Tufekci
The Atlantic

Trump is just one more example of the many populists on the right who have risen to power around the world.

Urban vs Rural

By Riley Vetterkind
Wisconsin State Journal

Cities propelled Joe Biden to a Wisconsin win as rural areas double down on Donald Trump.

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Trump’s Unexpected Support

Gains With Black Voters  By Sean Collins, Vox

Gains Among Latino Voters  By Suzanne Gamboa and Carmen Sesin, NBC News

Votes From White Women  By Madeline Hislop, Women’s Agenda

Discrediting the Vote

By Rachel Hope Cleves
The Tyee

Trump turned to attacking the democratic process as his primary strategy for victory. We have a term for this strategy. It’s called Jim Crow.

NC Cops Break Up Peaceful Voters’ March

By Julia Craven

A racist sheriff and a system of voter suppression meet in a cloud of pepper spray.

Actually, Lots of Good News

By Liza Featherstone

Dozens of socialists were elected to legislatures, while minimum-wage hikes, rent controls, and taxes on the rich to fund schools all won voter backing, even in very red places.

Progressive Policy Measures Win

By Emily Peck

Taken together, these types of measures could go a long way in reducing race and gender discrimination around the country.

New Power at the City Level

By Patrick Sisson

The “blue wave” didn’t materialize at the national level. But in America’s cities, younger Democratic leaders and progressive policy ideas scored several big wins.

Keeping Local Action Going

By Anoa Changa

Statewide organizations like Down Home North Carolina offer an opportunity to challenge and overcome violence from the state in all its forms—including voter suppression and intimidation.

Oh, How We Danced! (Photos!)

Teen Vogue

People flooded the streets to celebrate Donald Trump’s defeat.