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Global Left Midweek - November 10, 2021

Protesters confront COP26, Elections in Nicaragua and Venezuela, Pink tide in... Greenland

Demonstrators join the Fridays for Future march in Glasgow, Nov. 5. Credit,Jeff J Mitchell / Getty Images
  1. COP26 Protests
  2. Nigeria: What #EndSARS Accomplished (and Didn’t)
  3. Ireland: Sinn Fein Calls for the End of Partition
  4. A Rock, Nicaragua, and a Hard Place
  5. Thai Resisters
  6. Socialists Win in Greenland
  7. Sudan Resistance Solidifies
  8. Venezuelas Upcoming Election
  9. Sheila Rowbotham’s Contributions
  10. From Neoliberalism to Neo-Statism?


COP26 Protests

Five Takeaways  Euronews (Lyon)

Cities Besieged  BBC News (London)

Indigenous, Colonialism, and Climate  Deniss Martinez and Ans Irfan / Environmental Health News (Bozeman MT)

Nigeria: What #EndSARS Accomplished (and Didn’t)

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Women Wait for Justice  Makua Adimora / Al Jazeera (Doha)

Activists Reflect  Akindare Okunola / Global Citizen (New York)

From the Streets to the Polls  Titilope Anifowoshe / The Cable (Lagos)

Sinn Féin Calls for the End of Partition

Fiona Audley / Irish Post (London)

Mary Lou McDonald called on governments on both sides of the Irish Sea to “plan and prepare” for a united Ireland. Speaking at Sinn Féin’s Ard Fheis congress, the party leader underscored her challenge: “Every big step change in Irish life has been made by ordinary people seizing the day”.

A Rock, Nicaragua, and a Hard Place

Ortega’s Win  William I. Robinson / NACLA Report (New York)

Imprisoned Opposition Includes Revolutionaries  Dánae Vílchez / openDemocracy (London)

Fresh Sanctions Imposed by DC  Matt Spetalnick and Trevor Hunnicutt / Reuters (London)

FSLN Has Popular Support  John Perry, Patricia Ruiz, Winnie Narvaez, and Yorlis Luna / NACLA Report

Thai Resisters

Prachatai (Bangkok)

Protesters express growing frustration with a law that leaves them unable to talk about the impact of monarchy-related issues on their lives. In the recent past, people have been charged for questioning the Kingdom’s vaccination rollout, mocking the royal dog, and even reciting part of a poem.

Socialists Win in Greenland

Christian Juhl / Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung (Brussels)

Greenland’s socialist party, Inuit Ataqatigiit (Community of the People) won a landslide victory, taking no less than 37 percent of the vote and 12 of the 31 seats in the Greenlandic parliament. The party’s 34-year-old chairperson Múte B. Egede is now the youngest-ever head of Greenland’s government.

Sudan Resistance Solidifies

Civil Disobedience Continues  Mossaad Mohamed Ali / African Centre for Justice and Peace Studies (New York)

Resistance Committees  Raga Makawi / MENA Solidarity Network (London)

Venezuelas Upcoming Election

Cira Pascual Marquina and Clodovaldo Hernández / Venezuelanalysis (Caracas)

Analyst Clodovaldo Hernández discusses the fate of political gridlock in Venezuela, and talks about self-proclaimed “Interim President” Juan Guaidó’s demise as a political actor.

Sheila Rowbotham’s Contributions

Rachel Collett / Tribune (London)

In her new memoir, Sheila Rowbotham writes about the radical aspirations of feminism and socialism in the 1970s – and how many of the decade’s struggles remain to be won today.

Roundtable: From Neoliberalism to Neo-Statism?

Verso (New York)

Paolo Gerbaudo’s new book, The Great Recoil: Politics after Populism and Pandemic, argues that we are entering a new era of neo-statist intervention and offers a blueprint for how the Left should respond to this moment. Here are some responses.