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Dispatches From the Culture Wars - February 15, 2022

How one fascist group operates, and how David Rovics got cancelled

Credit,R. Bolling



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‘Don’t Say Gay’ is a Public Menace

As Vicious As It Sounds By Michael Daly, The Daily Beast

What You Should Know By Ginny Beagan, Palm Beach Post

The Unpleasantness of Teaching Slavery
By Mary Niall Mitchell and Kate Shuster


Critics rallying under the banner of “anti-CRT” describe teaching about racism and the world it has made, as divisive and disturbing. But we can’t teach the history of the United States without teaching about slavery. 

Flu Trux Klan
By Abby Zimet
Common Dreams

Once-staid Ottawa remains occupied by raucus hordes of angry, maskless, clueless, entitled louts in big trucks waving swastikas and imagined grievances, pissing on war memorials, harassing residents, and claiming the World Economic Forum created COVID to forge a "Marxian-inspired totalitarian system" with mandates that steal our "freedom." 

Patriot Front: Inside a NeoFash Gang

The Inner Workings  By Christopher Mathias and Ali Winston, Huffpost

Leaked Hate Crime Confessions   By Dell Cameron and Tom McKay, Gizmodo

Cancel Me
By David Rovics

The reason why “I’m A Better Anarchist Than You” is my most popular song on Spotify is because the anarcho-puritans are such a toxic and self-destructive tendency within my audience, the leftwing youth of the US, and Germany, to name two countries, and people facing these kinds of attacks themselves on a regular basis find the song cathartic.

Porn vs Sex
By Annie Lord
The Guardian

By the end of university, between this, Fifty Shades of Grey and my own insecurities, I had internalised the idea that if you weren’t into hardcore stuff, you were boring in bed. 

Book Review: After the Factory Closes
By Kim Phillips-Fein
The Baffler

Farah Stockman’s American Made is an unsparing description of the complex ideas and challenging lives of three Rexnord workers offers a stark challenge to anyone who would write off the heartland as deplorable.

Vaccine? I’d Rather Die
By John Keilman
Chicago Tribune

The threat of getting fired still hasn’t persuaded some to get COVID-19 vaccine. How are resisters affecting the pandemic?

By Michael Musto
Village Voice

In October 1982, press secretary Larry Speakes responded to a reporter’s query about the virus by making jokes and indulging in gay-panic-style banter. Asked if Reagan was aware of AIDS, Speakes replied, “I don’t have it. Do you?” as the room erupted into laughter. Over 36 million global HIV deaths later, that encounter is more chilling than ever.

After a Half Century, Gloria Williams Walks Free at 76
By Frances Madeson
The Real News

Williams had been preparing for her release for 918 days, ever since July 22, 2019, when she’d received the Louisiana Board of Pardons & Parole’s 5-0 vote of confidence. During that two-and-a-half-year limbo she caught COVID twice and almost didn’t make it back from the ICU.