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Tidbits – Aug.24, 2023 – Reader Comments: Donald Trump, Mob Boss; Georgia Indictment Speaks to History; Biden Climate Bill Leaves Workers Behind; German Left Debates Putin’s War; Sept 17 March To End the Era of Fossil Fuels; Cartoons; More;…

Reader Comments: Donald Trump, Mob Boss; Georgia Indictment Speaks to History; Biden Climate Bill Leaves Workers Behind; German Left Debates Putin’s War; Sept 17 Join March to End the Era of Fossil Fuels; Cartoons; Resources; Announcements; more;...

Tidbits - Reader Comments, Resources, Announcements, AND cartoons - Aug.24, 2023,Portside



Re: Donald Trump, Mob Boss — Then and Now  

An okay short article rehashing Trump's mob ties. Well worth remembering he is a criminal and he governed like the head of a criminal organization

Jay Mazur
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“Let’s take a stroll down memory lane.”

Sid Kivanoski
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Re: The Georgia Indictment Speaks to History - Can There Can Be A Greater Shame ??  

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The article by David Firestone is important in several ways.

In addition to providing a link to the 98-page indictment order, the article, its reality, and its historic significance highlight the unfailing courage of the members of the Grand Jury - who unanimously returned the indictment, The County Secretary - who saw that the complete 98-page indictment was available for publication within 2 hours of the vote, and to the absolutely amazing Fulton Co District Attorney, Fani Willis, and her 18-member investigative team who -- barring sleep and caution -- efficiently uncovered every damning detail to utmost undeniability.

It is not to be disregarded that the anti-democratic, dictator- seeking Trump crazies are publishing and distributing the names and home addresses of the confidential Grand Jury members, as well as everyone who carried out their legal duty, and are broadcasting multiple death threats and calls for violence against each involved agent ... including even an out-of-state Texas congresswoman.

There Can Be No Greater Shame !!!

James E Vann, a retired Architect, is a civic, housing, community, and political activist in Oakland, California.

Trump Threat  --  Cartoon by Rob Rogers

Rob Rogers
August 18, 2023

The GOP Debate - The Trophy  -- Cartoon by Clay Bennett

Clay Bennett
August 22, 2023
Chattanooga Times Free Press

Re: Biden’s Climate Bill Leaves Workers Behind in Shift to Electric Cars, Union Says  

(post on Portside Labor)

Plus Biden opened up a huge area in Alaska to oil drilling. Why is he the best choice the D Party has to offer? Discouraging. Perhaps I will end up voting for him, but he is not the choice to inspire big turnouts of workers.

Sonia Cobbins
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Fossil Fuel Driven Climate Change IS a Form of Elder Abuse  --  Meme  


Re: The Climate Culprits Hiding Their Role in California's Extreme Weather  

Imagine that there was an outfit that arranged parties, providing the food, the entertainment, everything necessary for people to have a good time, and making enormous amounts of money from doing so.

Imagine that they put on a gigantic party but discovered that the party had a railroad track running right through the middle of it.  Imagine that they 1) ignored the implications of that fact, saying nothing about it, even when they heard the train coming. 3) actively worked to prevent anyone knowing that the train was coming.  4) continued to obfuscate and lie about the train that was hurtling down on the party, even when it hit the outskirts of the party.

Imagine that.

Peter and Sharron Childs

Re: Jeopardy! Contestants Weigh a Second Shot at Glory Versus Crossing the Picket Line  

Don't be a scab for the bosses.

John Thompson
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Re: Biden DOJ: “No Constitutional Right to Stable Climate”  

You want a stable climate? Maybe you kids shoulda picked another century to be born in.

Jonathan Bennett
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Returning the Favor  --  Cartoon by Mike Luckovich

Mike Luckovich
August 24, 2023
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Re: In Failing To Strike at UPS, the Teamsters Missed a Big Opportunity  

This seems like typical leftist minimization of every victory short of overthrowing capitalism. Come on people. Let's get back in the real world.

Ted Pearson

Re: Pro-Union Shift Expected With Labor Board Member’s Pending Exit

(posting on Portside Labor)  

Could make a real difference, if unions are aggressive in using these new/restored rights and procedures.

David Newby
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Re: The Blind Side’s White Savior Tale Was Always Built on Shaky Ground  

I hated that movie. It was so reminiscent of Langston Hughes' "Poor Little Black Fellow ".

Jodda Mitchell
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Re: Cornell To End Partnership With Starbucks by June 2025

(posting on Portside Labor)  

Other universities should follow Cornell's example.

Peter Dreier
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Renting them space is one thing, but a partnership is outrageous.

Tina Braxton
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Rithmatic - Some Parent Objected to Arabic Numerals  --  Ed Bagley Cartoon

Ed Bagley
The Salt Lake Tribune
August 11, 2023

Re: Ecuadorians Vote To Halt Oil Drilling in Biodiverse Amazonian National Park  

Excellent! This is one of the Portside articles I thoroughly support and agree with.

I can only hope this referendum lasts for years to come, kudos to Ecuador for having the wisdom to actually approve and vote for this.

On so many levels, for the sake of the planet, irreplaceable rainforests, the Tagaeri and Taromenane people, the nation of Ecuador . . . this is an example that perhaps other nations in the region can relate to and adopt.

The damage that Bolsonaro rendered upon the rainforests and indigenous peoples of Brazil was horrific, but maybe now with da Silva, Brazil can look to Ecuador as an example to follow.

N. California

Re: The Nonsensical ‘Right and Left Need To Unite To Take On Elites’ Take That Just Won’t Die  

If you read this piece of toilet paper, you’ll see that this clown actually advocates a red-brown alliance.

Also on his list of what’s wrong with corporations, he doesn’t mention salaries, benefits or anti-labor crap.

“The left’s criticism of Disney is the same as it is for every corporation: that they don’t pay nearly enough in taxes, that they use their money and influence to lobby for pro-corporate policies that benefit them at our collective expense, and that they have too much political power.”

More reminders that LIBERALS AREN’T LEFTISTS.

David Berger
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Damaged Beyond Repair  --  Cartoon by Dr. James MacLeod

Dr. James MacLeod
August 14, 2023

Re: Why There’s Joy in Right-Wing Media Mudville  

Jackie Robinson, whom righties love to trot out as a plastic saint, said in 1972 "I cannot stand and sing the anthem. I cannot salute the flag; I know that I am a black man in a white world."

Eleanor Roosevelt
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Re: The German Left Debates Putin’s War

(Posting in Global Left Midweek – August 23, 2023)  

Internally and internationally, wars divide the socialist left. That has been the case with almost every war in modern history. And it is particularly the case with the Ukraine war, which is a "left" or at least a "liberal war" insofar as it evokes strong and deeply rooted leftist emotions: an anti-war stance, antifascism, and the desire to be in solidarity both with the weak and internationally.

As a result, the Ukraine war has created rifts inside socialist and left-wing forces. However, now that this horrific war has been going on for exactly one and a half years today, it seems possible to talk about the divisions in a civilized manner and identify what they are and seek out ways to maybe overcome them.

Jan Ole Arps, editor at ak - analyse & kritik | Zeitung für linke Debatte und Praxis, and I tried that in a public debate in Hamburg in June which led to a German publication in AK that has now been translated into English and published here at Portside.

Ingar Solty
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Re: The Tragedy of Misunderstanding the Commons  

very interesting, and as a beginning approach to this, makes sense to me. I would like to see more criticism and thought about this, as well as some examples. Back in the hippy days, some people tried to set up communes, but there was always an uneven distribution of power and decision making which eventually doomed most of them. Still, can we do it better?

Charles Patrick Lynch
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Re: Star Trek Gave Us a Utopian Vision of an Egalitarian, Postcapitalist Future

(posting on Portside Culture)  

Star Trek, launched at the height of the Vietnam War, set out to make U.S. Imperialism look good.

Alan Hart
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Critical China Scholars* Respond to New McCarthyism and New York Times  

16 August 2023
Critical China Scholars *

The Critical China Scholars collective writes in anger and dismay at the situation now brewing following the New York Times (NYT) report about Neville Roy Singham’s connections to the Chinese Communist Party and funding of leftist organizations and news outlets, the New McCarthyism petition signed by named organizations and individual academics and the opportunistic escalation by Marco Rubio and Niki Haley into red-baiting and spy-mongering. We feel the need to disentangle a few issues and make our position clear.

For starters, little in the NYT report was news. Most of the money trail the NYT “exposed” and the organizational information contained in the report was known already and had been tracked by Alexander Reid Ross and Courtney Dobson in their New Lines piece (January 18, 2022). What was new about the NYT report was the prominence it lent to overblown rhetoric and innuendos, which implied guilt by association in ways that dangerously resurrect the wholesale assault on “the left” at the height of the Cold War. 

*This statement was drafted by three members of the steering committee of the Critical China Scholars—Rebecca Karl, Fabio Lanza, and Sigrid Schmalzer—and reflects the contributions of multiple others who participated in a discussion on the CCS listserv. As we were finalizing the statement, we learned of Dan La Botz and Stephen R. Shalom's piece, "We Oppose McCarthyism and Apologizing for China," which we were glad to see expresses a very similar position.

Read full statement here

Critical China Scholars --

ONE MONTH AWAY | On Sept 17th Join the March to End the Era of Fossil Fuels


Fossil fuels are driving climate change and the time for action is NOW! It’s never been more clear than this summer, with devastating and heartbreaking fires, heat waves, and 100 degree ocean temperatures – fossil fuels are driving the climate crisis, and the impacts are getting worse and worse.

We’re coming together this September to fight for something better: a future free of fossil fuels, powered by just and resilient clean energy, with good jobs, clean air and water, and healthy planet for all.

Join us at the March to End Fossil Fuels in New York City on September 17, 2023 – JUST ONE MONTH AWAY!  In the largest climate march since the pandemic, thousands will take to the streets to demand President Biden take bold action to #EndFossilFuels.

And we want to see YOU there!

So, can we count on you to mark your calendar? Click here to learn more and sign up. Just a few hours of your time (or however much you can give!) will help us make an even larger statement that there’s no time to waste when it comes to ending fossil fuels.


Here’s the deal: This won’t just be another protest. This is a powerful movement of change, and we need your presence to make a resounding impact.

Together, we will send a clear message to our world leaders – especially President Biden – that it's time to put an end to the era of fossil fuels and invest in a clean and sustainable future for all.

So yes, every single person that signs up with us makes a HUGE difference for September 17th.

Can you pencil this mass action in for September 17th? You can learn more, sign up to attend, and read our demands by clicking HERE to get fired up for the March to End Fossil Fuels!

See you there