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High-Tech Workers, Jobs, College Graduates and Immigration

Richard Trumka, Hal Salzman, Daniel Kuehn, B. Lindsay Lowel
Companies want a massive expansion of visa holders so they can pay them less. This is about powerful companies pursuing lower wages. "Immigration helps America. People who come here to pursue their dreams and aspire to be citizens strengthen our country. America's unions embrace immigrants and new citizens. We worry about corporations firing or passing over qualified American workers in order to import temporary foreign workers at lower wages." (AFL-CIO)

Fast Food Workers Striking in Seattle - 7th City in 8 Weeks - and Show No Sign of Stopping

Kara Kostinich (KOMO), Josh Eidelson
Fast food workers strike in Seattle - 7th city in past 8 weeks. Workers say their wages are stagnant and want a living wage of $15, more opportunities to advance, and the right to organize without retaliation. "Personally I'm on food stamps, my hours have been cut back," Burger King worker Andrew Thomas said. "Being here for a year and half. I haven't gotten a raise."

7 Reasons Why the Labor Movement Has Stalled

David Macaray Huffington Post
Alarmed when a friend, a "self-described 'McGovern Democrat'" said that "alas, she could no longer support organized labor because, in her own, stunning words, 'unions have become too powerful,'" the author of this opinion column offers up seven factors that he believes have contributed to the decline of organized labor.

Camping Out for Five Days, in Hopes of a Union Job

By Jessica Glazer New York Times
They set up their tents and mattresses on the sidewalk in Long Island City, Queens, unpacked their Coronas and cards – and settled in to wait as long as five days and nights for a slender chance at a union job as an elevator mechanic.