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Media Bits and Bytes - What You Don’t Know edition

Published by Portside
Google says the FBI is secretly spying on some of its customers; Journalists in the service of Pete Peterson; "Actipedia" Crowdsourcing platform goes public; Digital Elite flirts with Socialism (and Nixon) at TED; Commotion wireless: free and open way to network; Moving from an age of Internet scarcity to abundance; Apps are creating new jobs, but also adding to unemployment; Meet the new mobile workers; Quantum Computing moves forward...

Kansas Casts Eye On Teachers Unions

Brad Cooper The Kansas City Star
The battle over teachers unions has marched its way across the country. Ohio. Michigan. Wisconsin. Idaho. And now it’s in Kansas, greeted by Republican Gov. Sam Brownback and his conservative allies in the Legislature.

Campaign Begins For $10.10 Minimum Wage

By Richard Long Campaign for America's Future
Tipped workers, such as waiters in restaurants, have not seen a minimum wage increase since 1991.