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The Americans, the Saudis, and the Israelis: Assassins Without Borders

John Feffer Foreign Policy In Focus
Saudi Arabia's apparent assassination of Jamal Khashoggi might have taken inspiration from Russia and North Korea - or Israel and the United States. State-sponsored assassination is a ruthless gamble. But other countries have gotten away with it.

'I resign because I refuse to serve as an empire chaplain'

Andrea Germanos Common Dreams
A US Army chaplain has resigned to protest the use of drones in a "policy of unaccountable killing." "I resign," he says, "because I refuse to support U.S. policy of preventive war, permanent military supremacy and global power projection. "

A New Snowden - Documents Reveal Assassination Policy - Whistleblower Leaks Trove of Documents on Drones & Obama's Assassination Program

Jeremy Scahill The Intercept
Newly released documents are chilling revealing murder-for-order - assassination ordered the highest levels of our government. Hiding behind terms like basics of manhunting and tyranny of distance, or being able to signal out Arab features from thousands of feet above - this is a process of systematically hunting down and assassinating human beings. This should send chills through the spines of people who care about democracy in this society.

Tea Party Roots in the Dallas of 1963

Bill Minutaglio Washington Post
If today’s extremist rhetoric sounds familiar, that’s because it is eerily, poignantly similar to the vitriol aimed squarely at John F. Kennedy during his presidency. And just like today, Texans were leading what some of them saw as a moral crusade. To find the very roots of the tea party of 2013, just go back to downtown Dallas in 1963, back to the months and weeks leading to the Kennedy assassination.
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