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Coming Soon: Bipartisan Deficit Hawks Calling for Austerity

Ari Rabin-Havt Jacobin
people waiting in line Right now, government money is flowing. But soon the self-appointed guardians of “fiscal responsibility” will call for cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and SNAP, while leaving the defense budget and large tax breaks for the wealthy intact.

Puerto Rico Unions Threaten Strike Against Austerity Budget

Yana Kunichoff In These Times
The unions have for years been telling the government, let’s address this, and offering an alternative plan. But workers’ attempts to have fruitful dialogue with the administration are not having any results.

Budget Deal Keeps Cuts, A Disaster for Majority

Robert Borosage, Isaiah J. Poole, Dave Johnson Campaign for America's Future
The "Budget Deal." abandons the unemployed, while increasing the military budget, and ignores massive job creation. Reducing projected sequester cuts will save jobs, but half the mindless across-the-board sequester cuts continue in fiscal year 2014 and three-fourths in 2015. The deal provides relief from some destructive sequester cuts. But it sustains Washington's focus on deficit reduction and its commitment to austerity. Thanks to the Campaign for America's Future.

The Stealth Sequester

Robert Reich Blog
So far, the much-dreaded "sequester" - some $85 billion in federal spending cuts between March and September 30 - hasn't been evident to most Americans.
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