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As Long As Rights Are Trampled, There Will Be Forced Migration

Roy Bourgeois and Margaret Knapke Foreign Policy in Focus
We often debate the pros and cons of welcoming immigrants here. We seldom consider the U.S. impact on the countries they leave. Ultimately, reducing the flow of refugees requires a just foreign policy, one that values people over profits. You can be sure: As long as rights are trampled, voices are silenced, and lives are cut short — there will be forced migration. Even at great risk. Even without parents. Even with a wall.

Berta Cáceres Court Papers Show Murder Suspects' Links to US-trained Elite Troops

Nina Lakhani The Guardian
Honduran environmental activist’Berta Cáceres' killing a year ago bears the hallmarks of an operation designed by military intelligence. E’xtrajudicial killings by the security forces and widespread impunity are among the most serious human rights violations in Honduras, according to the US state department. Nevertheless, the US is the main provider of military and police support to Honduras, and last year approved $18m of aid.

Report from Honduras - Traveling in Honduras with Agricultural Missions, Inc.

Sarah S. Forth ¡Berta Cárceres Presente!
The government has not responded to repeated requests for an independent investigation of Berta's murder. Rather, they interrogated COPINH members repeatedly as suspects.. This outraged Marleny. "She was our mother, our sister! How could we turn against her!" Thousands turned out in Tegucigalpa on April 15 for a demonstration honoring Berta.
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