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An Internet in the Crowd, Not the Cloud

Tom Simonite MIT Technology Review
An experimental browser shows how peer-to-peer technology can serve up entire websites, not just individual files.

Tidbits - May 30, 2013

Reader Comments: Terrorism, Drones, Afghanistan, Benghazi, Obama terrorism speech, Bradley Manning, Chicago Schools, Climate Change, Letter to "The Nation" from a Young Radical, Math, Malvina Reynolds, Africa, Asia, Hope Foye, Race & Biology, Peabody Coal, Bittorrent... Announcements - Gerald Horne keynote's Chicago Human Rights Awards - Jun 15; Film Premier - Camp Kinderland "Commie Camp" - New York - Jun 28; Jerry Tucker Memorial Conference, St. Louis - Oct 11-13

Bittorrent's Direct to Fan Collaboration
We used to buy music at independent record shops downtown. We shopped the chain mega-stores that took their place. When these moved online, in the form of iTunes or Amazon, we were there, wallets out. For fifty years, the path to purchase has essentially been the same. Go to the physical/digital record store, buy an album. But what if the record store was inside the album instead? Bittorrent Bundle lets people connect directly with their audience, on their terms.

BitTorrent Premieres New Live Streaming Platform

Ernesto Torrent Freak
Bittorrent has just released a new streaming service, BitTorrent Live, to the public. The goal is to make it possible for the public to send video to thousands of people, all over the world. From dissidents reporting on uprisings to soccer moms who want to send video of a game to family and friends, everyone is included. Bittorrent Inc's Justin Knoll says, “We’re aiming for this to be a democratization of streaming technology.”
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