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Manchin: One Mean Megalomaniac

Harold Meyerson The American Prospect
Manchin's modest proposal would means-test all new programs and put spending caps on all existing programs. In short, Manchin wants to diminish not just the quantity of necessary social investments, but their quality as well.

Bernie Sanders’s Third Campaign

John Nichols The Nation
"We have got to address the reality that a very significant and growing number of Americans no longer have faith that their government is concerned about their needs. This takes us to the whole threat of Trumpism and the attacks on democracy."

The Ascension of Bernie Sanders

Maureen Dowd New York Times
The senator is willing to break a few eggs, over easy, to get Democrats back on track to their working-class roots. He sees this moment as a chance to “address concerns progressives have had for decades.”

Introduction to Budget “Reconciliation”

Richard Kogan, David Reich Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
In the Senate, reconciliation bills aren’t subject to filibuster and the scope of amendments is limited, giving this process real advantages for enacting controversial budget and tax measures.
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