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Killer T Cell: The Cancer Assassin

How does a Killer T Cell Kill its target? A new film captures the behavior of cytotoxic T cells – the body’s ‘serial killers’ – as they hunt down and eliminate cancer cells.

US to Study Cuba's Lung Cancer Vaccine: What the World Can Learn from Castro's Health Service

Adam Withnall The Independent
During the economic blockade by the US and after a string of serious disease outbreaks, Cuban leader Fidel Castro made biotechnology and medical research a key priority for the allocation of limited government funds. Johnson said: “They’ve had to do more with less, so they’ve had to be even more innovative with how they approach things. For over 40 years, they have had a preeminent immunology community.”

An Anonymous Canadian Foundation Grants $3 Million to Study Naturopathic Oncology

Orac Science Blogs
It’s depressing to think what a waste of money this is, what this money might have done if it had only been directed towards real research in cancer rather than tooth fairy science about naturopathic medicine. $7 million is a lot of money. That’s at least three or four R01-level projects or even around 10-15 R21 preliminary grants. Heck, this much money is on the order of a Stand Up 2 Cancer “Dream Team” grant, or even more.

Newsflash: Fukushima Is Still a Disaster

Harvey Wasserman Truthdig
While the American reactor industry continues to suck billions of dollars from the public treasury, its allies in the corporate media seem increasingly hesitant to cover the news of post-Fukushima Japan.

The Institute of Medicine Report on Cancer Care: Is The System "In Crisis"?

Orac Respectful Insolence
The evidence base for a lot of the health IT recommendations being able to do what they are claimed to be able to do is currently thin to nonexistent, but there has been a major initiative over the last 14 years to improve the adherence to evidence-based guidelines in treating cancer patients. Although this has largely been fairly successful, there are areas where current oncology practices fall short, particularly in the elderly.

My Family, Our Cancer, and the Murderous Cruelty of Conservatives

Kurt Eichenwald Vanity Fair
Women’s-health clinics have been under assault for years. Abortions make up just 3 percent of the services Planned Parenthood performs. Planned Parenthood estimates that 130,000 women in Texas go without preventive health care, like breast-cancer screenings, due to Texas' anti-abortion cuts to women’s-health-care funding, and a lot of those women will die as a result.
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