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Friday Nite Videos | February 5, 2021

The Sedition That Nobody's Talking About. "Have You Been To Jail For Justice" | Anne Feeney. Mothers Deported Without Their Children Seek to Be Reunited. Racially Charged: America's Misdemeanor Problem. Marjorie Taylor Greene Gets Punished.

Trail of Tears: Refugees from Central America

H Patricia Hynes Portside
Throughout the 20th century, US corporations have staked out Central America for fruit and coffee growing, metal mining and logging, and water for beverage processing – all at the expense of indigenous land and environmental rights.

The Aid Paradox: U.S. Security and Development Assistance in Central America

Laura Weiss North American Congress on Latin America
A march in support of refugees. U.S. assistance has caused great harm in Central America. But Trump’s decision to cut it off is nothing to celebrate. He seeks to deprive Central Americans of all options, suffocating legal pathways to migration, while cutting much needed resources.
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